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Episode 79: Interview with Lauren Taranow – What if humanity had to survive on insects as a food source?

Lauren Taranow, SymtonBSF President

When you think of insects there is often an ” factor, after all they are considered to be pests to most of the public. Most of us would rather call an exterminator than entertain dealing with any kind of “pest”. After you listen to this episode your perspective on insects may change or at the least, broaden.

Enter our guest Lauren Taranow. Lauren has taken a passion for learning about insects of all kinds and turned it into a profitable and unique career path. Lauren is the President of Symton Black Soldier Fly.

Based out of College Station ,Texas Symton BSF Inc specializes in the field of black soldier fly commercialization. They supply larvae to multiple customers all over the globe.

In this episode we explore the hypothetical, “What if humanity had to survive on insects as a food source?” In this instance we are assuming that all other means of convention food sources are scarce or becoming so. Options for how humanity could use insects on a larger scale becomes abundantly clear the deeper our discussion goes.

So pull up a seat and ready your silverware and napkins as Lauren joins us in planning a meal prepared from critters. Each of us chooses a dish that just might surprise you.

If you have a suggestion for a dish made from insects …please shoot us us an email or drop us a line on Twitter and we’ll pass it on to Lauren. If we get enough suggestions we will work on making an insect recipe book with Symton BSF.

You can find Lauren online at:

Symton BSF


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