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Episode 78: Interview with Jack Pierce… What If Michael Myers fought Jason? Who would win?

Jack Pierce, Author

Despite unexpected delays Episode 78 is here. Our guest is Horror Author and Podcaster Jack Pierce. He is the bestselling author of The Suicide Diaries, Under a Mourning Star, Condemned, and Nuke Your Brain. 

He joins us to explore a hypothetical for the ages. Jack shares a bit about himself and lends us his expertise. So close your eyes and strap in for an interesting listen.

Two killing machines meet up at a local bar. They catch up on all the victims interspersed along their travels. Drinks flow and conversation reaches its eventuality. So many more kills remain.

As the night reaches its apex Jason and Michael meet at their metaphorical time-in clock, akin to Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. The stage is set and friendships are cast aside. It’s killing time and to borrow a phrase, “There can be only one.”

You can find Jack online at:

Terror Trax Podcast

Amazon author profile

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