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Episode 75: Interview with Shelise Ann Sola – What if psychedelics were legal,commonly, and safely used in society?

For this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Shelise Ann Sola. Shelise is a working actress and podcaster. These descriptions encompass only a small measure of the talents and experiences that define her.

Shelise is also a costumer, author, and Instagram Influencer. After spending 2 years as the Head Animal Costumer on Nick Jr.’s ‘Mutt & Stuff’ she focused on her acting.

Shelise has been featured in numerous ads booking multiple commercials for companies such as Barbie, QDOBA, Tapatio, Paw Patrol and more. Theatrically, she shot a feature film in Alaska as the lead.

Shelise has also authored a book, “The Purple Eye”, discussing her upbringing in Mormon society as well as abuses she endured and survived.

Regarding the hypothetical we discussed how psychedelics could be effectively and safely in today’s society. Substances such as Mushrooms and Ayahuasca, with proper guidance can be helpful in alleviation of many individuals symptoms both mental and spiritual.

The conversation that ensues is lively and fun. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Shelise and found common ground with her ideas and opinions in regards to the therapeutic properties inherent in psychedelic substances.

You can follow Shelise online at:

Twitter: @SheliseAnn

Instagram: @SheliseAnn


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