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Episode 73 : Interview with Molly Sinn – What if Psychosis is “feedback” from other dimensions?

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Molly Sinn. Molly was a legal prostitute before the pandemic hit. Our podcast is sex worker positive and Molly is a prime example of showing that the unfair perception of this profession does not always define the person.

Molly is very opinionated and intelligent. She is very family oriented and very sarcastic and fun to talk to.

The hypothetical that Molly chose was, “What if Psychosis is “feedback” from other dimensions?” We discuss all the possibilities inherent in this question.

Is it possible that some of our experiences are echoes emanating from other realities? The line between here and there is discussed along with funny and lively ponderings.

You can find Molly online at:

Instagram : @MollySinns

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