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Episode 72: Interview with Bullseye The Clown – What If Clowns ran the government?

It’s not often that you get to talk politics with a clown… Outside of Washington D.C… 😆

In this episode we get to know Bullseye the Clown better and learn about what motivates him to do the work that he does.

Bullseye teaches children of all ages to fight bullying. He helps people learn to stand up for themselves and works with a variety of charitable organizations. He has traveled across Russia with Patch Adams visiting orphanages and hospice care facilities spreading joy and hope.

Bullseye has a book that is definitely apropos for recovering from the last for years of politics and frustration between mankind… Feel free to buy yourself a copy here.

The hypothetical at hand is “What if Clowns ran The government?” We each plead our case for better or worse as to how clowns would affect every aspect of our political landscape… Hilarity and silliness ensues.

You can find Bullseye online at:

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