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Episode 71: Happy Holidays!!! Good Riddance 2020…


Hey folks!!! 2020 has been a real shit bag…. Not to be glum or gloomy, just being honest.

The end of the year is our (humanity’s) chance to put all the junk behind us and appreciate our time together, in whatever form it may come in.

Having said that… Jbats & Mykahl want to wish you the best holidays you can possibly have. We want to thank our listeners for hanging with us.

We give our well wishes in this episode in addition to playing some awesome holiday tunes!!!

Goodbye 2020… 2021 here we come!!!

Song List:

“Merry Little Christmas” OC ReMix – Dale North

Lufia II “Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells)” OC ReMix – Dale North

Donkey Kong Country 2 “Brambles in the Breeze” OC ReMix – Protricity

“Snowfall” – Pnuemoniker

“Silent Night (Unholy Night)” – Alexander Nakarada

“Arabesque No. 1” – Claude Debussy covered by Architect (Kyle Schaefer)

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