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Episode 70 : What If being artistic was compulsory? with special guest, Harpist Margaret Davis

In this episode we have the pleasure of talking to Margaret Davis, accomplished Harpist and lead singer of Astoria Window.

We talk with Margaret about what attracted her to the harp and how family played a role in her choice to persue an interest in the arts. She highlights the intricate nature of producing the awesome sounds that emanate from her musical weapon of choice.

Hypothetically , we explore: ” What if being artistsic was compulsory?” From how it would affect mankind personally to the broader implications for society.

It was a pleasure talking to Margaret as well as learning more about the music created with her band/collaboration, Astoria Window. If you listen carefully you’ll hear their new single, “Cabin Fever”, at the midpoint of this podcast.

You can find Maraget online at:

Website –

Instagram – @margdavismusic

Instagram – @astoriawindow

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