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Episode 67 – Interview with Harlequingrim: What if Necromancy where real?

Harlequin Grim

In this episode we talk to undertaker, author, and podcast host Harlequin Grim. We discuss what Harlequin does in regards to undertaking as well as his love for writing and podcasting in the horror genre.

The hypothetical that Harlequin chose was, “What if necromancy were real?” We delve into the implications involved in bring back the dead via magical means. We examine how daily life would be affected as well how social norms would change.

Harlequin is well spoken, with a sharp wit and a delightful sarcastic twinge. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to his podcast, Mania, and be sure to visit and follow his social media accounts as well as his writing.

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Twitter: @harlequingrim

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