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Episode 65 – Interview with Sara Jay : What if you couldn’t forget anything? (Hyperthymesia)

In this episode we have the distinct pleasure of getting to talk to Adult Actress, Sara Jay.

Pardon the pun, but Sara wears many hats…. In addition to her lengthy porn career she is a business woman, entrepreneur, and accomplished content producer.

Mykahl talks to Sara about how she got her start in the Adult Film industry as well as some of the challenges faced by porn stars that try to simply access the same services that anyone uses. We discuss what it might be like to live with Hyperthymesia.. For better and worse.

Sara is funny, well spoken, and down to earth . Blunt but sexy and unaplogetic with her opinions. It was a pleasure chatting with her. Don’t believe us? Give it a listen.

You can find Sara on the following and platforms:

Twitter: @Sarajayxxx

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