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Episode 64 – Interview with Seth Nicholas Johnson : What If the internet disappeared tomorrow? What would happen to music?

In this episode we have the awesome pleasure of talking to Seth Nicholas Johnson, founder of Haunted Birthday Records. Seth is definitely multifaceted as he is also a podcast producer for Howstuffworks? as well as an animator.

Josh and I take this opportunity to ask Seth about his many work experiences as well as what spurred him on to create his unique record label,Haunted Birthday Records. Seth has a definite passion for fostering creativity and making such audio expressions accessible to the public, in our opinion, a very awesome way. He makes it possible to preserve your music by personally making records out of nearly anything suggested…

The website for Haunted Birthday Records describes the process best:

At HAUNTED BIRTHDAY RECORDS, we make handmade, small-batch, lathe-embossed records the old-fashioned way— mono, lo-fi, and one at a time.

Along with Seth we explore his chosen hypothetical : What If the internet disappeared tomorrow and what would happen to music? A few scenarios emerge and the suggested solutions to keep music alive may just surprise you….

You can find Seth online at:

Haunted Birthday Records

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