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Episode 58 – Interview with Jasmine Shojai: What If you couldn’t do what you love?

This time around, we interview controversial model and aspiring actress, Jasmine Shojai.

Jasmine was named Australia‚Äôs Top Glamour Model in consecutive years, 2017 and 2018. She’s appeared in Playboy magazines 8 times ( 2 as a cover model ) as well as FHM & Maxim magazines.

We talk to Jasmine about her journey towards becoming a model as well as her opinions on the business. Jasmine is not shy about sharing her opinions and knows what her aspirations are. She has criticized the posting of racy Instagram photos by women , claiming it hurts the modeling industry. She has also suggested that models receive tax breaks for plastic surgery.

We found her to be an enjoyable guest and invite you to get to know her better.

You can reach Jasmine online at:

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