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Episode 40: Interview with Robert Patton & What If you were allergic to meat?

In this episode we discuss what would happen if you were allergic to meat… We examine the causes and culprits of an pesky allergy that while temporary in nature is frustrating none the less.

We also talk to Mr. Robert Patton, the Founder/CEO of Sheath Underwear. He talks to us about what inspired him to create his special brand of pouch underwear and about his time in the Army . From childhood basketball dreams to perfecting the Zen Pouch seams, we gain a better understanding of Robert’s long journey to success.

We are also very proud to announce that Sheath Underwear is our inaugural sponsor!!! Many thanks to Robert and we hope that we can sustain a long partnership.

If you use the code: WHATIF at checkout you will receive a 30% discount on your order. So go checkout Sheath’s site and find the comfort you’ve been missing out on.


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