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Month: October 2021

Episode 77: Interview with DC Glenn of Tag Team – What if Tag Teams career had been different?


Close your eyes and try to recall where you where when you first heard the party anthem “Whoomp there it is”…. The song is ubiquitous with an era. The tune is timeless and appeals to generations far beyond its intended audience.

In this episode we had the pleasure of getting to talk to DC Glenn (1/2) of Tag Team. DC is very charismatic and transparent about his past and the path that he and Tag Team took to stardom.

DC is self admittedly a “jack of all trades but a master of none.” He wisely leverages his celebrity status to access knowledge and learn as much as possible.

With patience, growth, hustle and a little bit of serendipity… Tag Team has re-entered the public consciousness to a great deal of success.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to listen to this episode…. DC was a pleasure to talk to and Hypothetical wishes nothing but the best for him and Tag Team as a whole.

You can find DC/Tag Team online at: