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Month: April 2021

Episode 74: Interview with Icarus Bell — What if alcoholic beverages never existed?

At first glance you could define Icarus Bell as the musical collaboration between Alan Alski Adams and Matt Noveskey… But Icarus Bell is more than the sum of their parts. Their sound is as diverse as the band’s that influenced them.

It’s no secret that Alan and Matt have a shared history with Blue October and are no strangers to the rock n roll lifestyle.

Keeping all this in mind we discussed the hypothetical, “What if alcoholic beverages never existed?” We examine how life would be affected without one of the most arguably dangerous drugs known to man, alcohol.

During this discussion we discover a familiarity of how alcohol affected our personal lives. Laughter and very sober (pardon the pun) conversation ensued.

Matt and Alan are very awesome guys and their music is stellar. You can find Icarus Bell online at:

Instagram – @icarusbellofficial

Twitter – @BellIcarus

Website –