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Month: October 2020

Halloween 2020 Special! Horror Host Mikey Sevier — What if the Classic Universal Monsters Were real?

Happy Halloween What If’ers!!!

This spooky season we have a special guest…. Horror Host Mikey Sevier!!!

Mikey is a ghoul of many talents: Master of Sevier Manor, Creator of spine-tingling masks, and Spook Show Host.

We discuss all things monster with Mikey in this hypothetical…. Imagining what the world might be like if Dracula worked the same shift as you or The Mummy frequented the same gym you worked out at. The conclusions we come to are thought provoking and hilarious simultaneously.

You can find Mikey on line at:


Mikey Sevier’s Spook Show


Episode 68 – Interview with Diabology.. What if you could assemble the Ultimate Metal Supergroup?

New album released in January 2020

In this episode we have the awesome pleasure of talking to the lead singer of thrash metal band Diabology, Jesse Bergen.

We discuss the origins of the band as well as what has influenced them stylistically…. The band as a whole is young, but make no mistake, they can shred with the best of them. Be sure to wait after the interview to hear their recent single, “Seas of Eternity”…

..Jesse ( 2nd on the left) and Diabology..

We decided to have a little fun with the hypothetical… Josh and I vs Jesse. We each put together a supergroup consisting of : A vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and multi-instrumentalist.

What ensued was an interesting and fun examination of generational preference. We had a great time putting it together …. Let us know which line-up you think was best.

Apocalypsis (Jesse)


Miskatonik Profits (Jbats & Mykahl)

If you wanna find Diabology online: