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Month: March 2020

Episode 61: What if we could access the Dream Worlds? Interview #2 with Jon Gries…

Courtesy of Adult Swim

In this episode we talk to our good friend Jon Gries again. We catch up with him to see how things are going in his corner of the world…. Jon shares his opinions and experiences with us as well as answering our listeners questions.

We breach the hypothetical, “What if we could access the Dream World? The inspiration for this exploration came from the character Jon portrays (Dr. Roberts) in Adult Swims’ Dream Corp LLC.

Episode 60 – What If Rock Music Never Existed? Interview with Pete Lee

©Tim Finch Photography – used with permission

This time we speak with Pete Lee of the late-80s/early 90s thrash-metal band Lawnmower Deth! Including what they’re up to these days (hint: they aren’t just sitting on their asses.)

The what if on the table is a very though-provoking question: What if Rock music never existed? From rock’s beginnings to even farther back, we prattle on about how different the world would be if the best form of music (our opinion) never came to be.

Episode 59 – What if we could create life? (with Cody Meirick)

In this episode Director Cody Meirick talks with Mykahl about the prospect of bringing a creation of your own to life. Josh sat out the episode due to an significant accident .

Cody lets us know how things have progressed with his past project, The Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Documentary. We also gain insights to some of his upcoming future projects.

We discuss all kinds of creatures throughout history and literature from the Jewish Golem to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to a certain silly Spork from the recent Toy Story film.

Here are Cody’s social media links if you wish to follow him online:

Twitter : @codymeirick