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Month: August 2017

Episode 18: What If you were born in space?

Umm , Houston? I just did boom boom.

When we think of the future of mankind, we often wonder how we’ll continue our species among the stars…

Join us as we delve into interstellar procreation on this concise episode of the What If podcast.

Episode 17: What If Zombies Existed?

I’m in your heeeeead, in your heeeeeaad!

In this episode we will discuss what the world would be like if zombies did indeed exist. How would they spring into existence? Would they lumber at a slow pace or maniacally chase their victims? Could humanity survive a horde of the undead ? From pop culture examples to stories that inspire the genre, we will claw our way through the question like an early exit from the grave.


George A. Romero February 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017


Mini Episode 1: What if eating could kill you?

Warning to the listeners of our podcast …This photo as well as some of the subject matter in this episode may be disturbing to certain individuals. It is purely used for educational purposes and no harm is implied or intended.

In this mini-sode we explore what it would be like if the simple act of finally being able to eat could actually kill you.