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Month: March 2017

Episode 9: What if Leprechauns are real?

In this episode we will discuss the possibility that Leprechauns have indeed existed. From the folklore to theories and evidence that may actually surprise some of our listeners. So If you are inclined to do so, grab your lucky rabbits foot , throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder and wait at the rainbows end. This one’s gonna be golden…
Erin go Bragh…and Sláinte to our fans.

Lucky Charms Remix by MelodySheep

Irish Leprechauns Were Originally Black?

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leprechauns


Episode 8 : What if the the Holodeck were a reality?

In this episode we will discuss what it would be like to have Holodeck technology available for use. We will explore the possibilities that could exist, the pros and cons, and what we would use it for in our own lives. So grab a drink and snacks, put on your uniform and meet us in your chosen reality.