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Hypothetical: A What If? Podcast Posts

Episode 80: Interview with Karthik Sekar – What if The Govt funded meat alternatives in the 70s like they did energy ?

Karthik Sekar PhD, Chemical Engineer

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Karthik Sekar. Karthik Sekar is a trained scientist and engineer with a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University and a postdoctoral position in Systems Biology at ETH Zurich.

Karthik is the author of “After Meat: The case for an amazing meat-free world.” The book focuses on the technological reasons for why we’ll shift away from animal products.

To this end we chose the to explore the hypothetical, “What if The Govt funded meat alternatives in the 70s like they did energy ?”

We discussed multiple scenarios in relation to various future paths. Examining alternate histories in which America and the World, at large have decided to fund and implement more innovative nutritional options.

Karthik was a pleasure to talk to and his book is a definite must read.

You can find Karthik online at:

Episode 79: Interview with Lauren Taranow – What if humanity had to survive on insects as a food source?

Lauren Taranow, SymtonBSF President

When you think of insects there is often an ” factor, after all they are considered to be pests to most of the public. Most of us would rather call an exterminator than entertain dealing with any kind of “pest”. After you listen to this episode your perspective on insects may change or at the least, broaden.

Enter our guest Lauren Taranow. Lauren has taken a passion for learning about insects of all kinds and turned it into a profitable and unique career path. Lauren is the President of Symton Black Soldier Fly.

Based out of College Station ,Texas Symton BSF Inc specializes in the field of black soldier fly commercialization. They supply larvae to multiple customers all over the globe.

In this episode we explore the hypothetical, “What if humanity had to survive on insects as a food source?” In this instance we are assuming that all other means of convention food sources are scarce or becoming so. Options for how humanity could use insects on a larger scale becomes abundantly clear the deeper our discussion goes.

So pull up a seat and ready your silverware and napkins as Lauren joins us in planning a meal prepared from critters. Each of us chooses a dish that just might surprise you.

If you have a suggestion for a dish made from insects …please shoot us us an email or drop us a line on Twitter and we’ll pass it on to Lauren. If we get enough suggestions we will work on making an insect recipe book with Symton BSF.

You can find Lauren online at:

Symton BSF


Episode 78: Interview with Jack Pierce… What If Michael Myers fought Jason? Who would win?

Jack Pierce, Author

Despite unexpected delays Episode 78 is here. Our guest is Horror Author and Podcaster Jack Pierce. He is the bestselling author of The Suicide Diaries, Under a Mourning Star, Condemned, and Nuke Your Brain. 

He joins us to explore a hypothetical for the ages. Jack shares a bit about himself and lends us his expertise. So close your eyes and strap in for an interesting listen.

Two killing machines meet up at a local bar. They catch up on all the victims interspersed along their travels. Drinks flow and conversation reaches its eventuality. So many more kills remain.

As the night reaches its apex Jason and Michael meet at their metaphorical time-in clock, akin to Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. The stage is set and friendships are cast aside. It’s killing time and to borrow a phrase, “There can be only one.”

You can find Jack online at:

Terror Trax Podcast

Amazon author profile

Episode 77: Interview with DC Glenn of Tag Team – What if Tag Teams career had been different?


Close your eyes and try to recall where you where when you first heard the party anthem “Whoomp there it is”…. The song is ubiquitous with an era. The tune is timeless and appeals to generations far beyond its intended audience.

In this episode we had the pleasure of getting to talk to DC Glenn (1/2) of Tag Team. DC is very charismatic and transparent about his past and the path that he and Tag Team took to stardom.

DC is self admittedly a “jack of all trades but a master of none.” He wisely leverages his celebrity status to access knowledge and learn as much as possible.

With patience, growth, hustle and a little bit of serendipity… Tag Team has re-entered the public consciousness to a great deal of success.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to listen to this episode…. DC was a pleasure to talk to and Hypothetical wishes nothing but the best for him and Tag Team as a whole.

You can find DC/Tag Team online at:



Episode 76: Interview with Nathan Hurd – What if you could create your own wrestling gimmick?

Actor. Comedian. Writer. Tik Tok creator. Wrestling fan .

#Albino Rhino.

Nate encompasses all of these descriptions and so much more. Nate is hella funny and super relatable.

After we got to know more about Nate we settled in to the hypothetical at hand, “What if you could create a wrestling gimmick? What would it be?”

Each of us took turns fully describing our wrestling personas, from entrance and entrance music to set moves and finishers. Would we be a babyface, heel, or tweener?Most importantly how would we look and act?

You can find Nate online at:



Personal Website

Tik Tok

Episode 75: Interview with Shelise Ann Sola – What if psychedelics were legal,commonly, and safely used in society?

For this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Shelise Ann Sola. Shelise is a working actress and podcaster. These descriptions encompass only a small measure of the talents and experiences that define her.

Shelise is also a costumer, author, and Instagram Influencer. After spending 2 years as the Head Animal Costumer on Nick Jr.’s ‘Mutt & Stuff’ she focused on her acting.

Shelise has been featured in numerous ads booking multiple commercials for companies such as Barbie, QDOBA, Tapatio, Paw Patrol and more. Theatrically, she shot a feature film in Alaska as the lead.

Shelise has also authored a book, “The Purple Eye”, discussing her upbringing in Mormon society as well as abuses she endured and survived.

Regarding the hypothetical we discussed how psychedelics could be effectively and safely in today’s society. Substances such as Mushrooms and Ayahuasca, with proper guidance can be helpful in alleviation of many individuals symptoms both mental and spiritual.

The conversation that ensues is lively and fun. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Shelise and found common ground with her ideas and opinions in regards to the therapeutic properties inherent in psychedelic substances.

You can follow Shelise online at:

Twitter: @SheliseAnn

Instagram: @SheliseAnn


Episode 74: Interview with Icarus Bell — What if alcoholic beverages never existed?

At first glance you could define Icarus Bell as the musical collaboration between Alan Alski Adams and Matt Noveskey… But Icarus Bell is more than the sum of their parts. Their sound is as diverse as the band’s that influenced them.

It’s no secret that Alan and Matt have a shared history with Blue October and are no strangers to the rock n roll lifestyle.

Keeping all this in mind we discussed the hypothetical, “What if alcoholic beverages never existed?” We examine how life would be affected without one of the most arguably dangerous drugs known to man, alcohol.

During this discussion we discover a familiarity of how alcohol affected our personal lives. Laughter and very sober (pardon the pun) conversation ensued.

Matt and Alan are very awesome guys and their music is stellar. You can find Icarus Bell online at:

Instagram – @icarusbellofficial

Twitter – @BellIcarus

Website –

Episode 73 : Interview with Molly Sinn – What if Psychosis is “feedback” from other dimensions?

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Molly Sinn. Molly was a legal prostitute before the pandemic hit. Our podcast is sex worker positive and Molly is a prime example of showing that the unfair perception of this profession does not always define the person.

Molly is very opinionated and intelligent. She is very family oriented and very sarcastic and fun to talk to.

The hypothetical that Molly chose was, “What if Psychosis is “feedback” from other dimensions?” We discuss all the possibilities inherent in this question.

Is it possible that some of our experiences are echoes emanating from other realities? The line between here and there is discussed along with funny and lively ponderings.

You can find Molly online at:

Instagram : @MollySinns

Episode 72: Interview with Bullseye The Clown – What If Clowns ran the government?

It’s not often that you get to talk politics with a clown… Outside of Washington D.C… 😆

In this episode we get to know Bullseye the Clown better and learn about what motivates him to do the work that he does.

Bullseye teaches children of all ages to fight bullying. He helps people learn to stand up for themselves and works with a variety of charitable organizations. He has traveled across Russia with Patch Adams visiting orphanages and hospice care facilities spreading joy and hope.

Bullseye has a book that is definitely apropos for recovering from the last for years of politics and frustration between mankind… Feel free to buy yourself a copy here.

The hypothetical at hand is “What if Clowns ran The government?” We each plead our case for better or worse as to how clowns would affect every aspect of our political landscape… Hilarity and silliness ensues.

You can find Bullseye online at:

Episode 71: Happy Holidays!!! Good Riddance 2020…


Hey folks!!! 2020 has been a real shit bag…. Not to be glum or gloomy, just being honest.

The end of the year is our (humanity’s) chance to put all the junk behind us and appreciate our time together, in whatever form it may come in.

Having said that… Jbats & Mykahl want to wish you the best holidays you can possibly have. We want to thank our listeners for hanging with us.

We give our well wishes in this episode in addition to playing some awesome holiday tunes!!!

Goodbye 2020… 2021 here we come!!!

Song List:

“Merry Little Christmas” OC ReMix – Dale North

Lufia II “Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells)” OC ReMix – Dale North

Donkey Kong Country 2 “Brambles in the Breeze” OC ReMix – Protricity

“Snowfall” – Pnuemoniker

“Silent Night (Unholy Night)” – Alexander Nakarada

“Arabesque No. 1” – Claude Debussy covered by Architect (Kyle Schaefer)

Episode 70 : What If being artistic was compulsory? with special guest, Harpist Margaret Davis

In this episode we have the pleasure of talking to Margaret Davis, accomplished Harpist and lead singer of Astoria Window.

We talk with Margaret about what attracted her to the harp and how family played a role in her choice to persue an interest in the arts. She highlights the intricate nature of producing the awesome sounds that emanate from her musical weapon of choice.

Hypothetically , we explore: ” What if being artistsic was compulsory?” From how it would affect mankind personally to the broader implications for society.

It was a pleasure talking to Margaret as well as learning more about the music created with her band/collaboration, Astoria Window. If you listen carefully you’ll hear their new single, “Cabin Fever”, at the midpoint of this podcast.

You can find Maraget online at:

Website –

Instagram – @margdavismusic

Instagram – @astoriawindow

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Halloween 2020 Special! Horror Host Mikey Sevier — What if the Classic Universal Monsters Were real?

Happy Halloween What If’ers!!!

This spooky season we have a special guest…. Horror Host Mikey Sevier!!!

Mikey is a ghoul of many talents: Master of Sevier Manor, Creator of spine-tingling masks, and Spook Show Host.

We discuss all things monster with Mikey in this hypothetical…. Imagining what the world might be like if Dracula worked the same shift as you or The Mummy frequented the same gym you worked out at. The conclusions we come to are thought provoking and hilarious simultaneously.

You can find Mikey on line at:


Mikey Sevier’s Spook Show


Episode 68 – Interview with Diabology.. What if you could assemble the Ultimate Metal Supergroup?

New album released in January 2020

In this episode we have the awesome pleasure of talking to the lead singer of thrash metal band Diabology, Jesse Bergen.

We discuss the origins of the band as well as what has influenced them stylistically…. The band as a whole is young, but make no mistake, they can shred with the best of them. Be sure to wait after the interview to hear their recent single, “Seas of Eternity”…

..Jesse ( 2nd on the left) and Diabology..

We decided to have a little fun with the hypothetical… Josh and I vs Jesse. We each put together a supergroup consisting of : A vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and multi-instrumentalist.

What ensued was an interesting and fun examination of generational preference. We had a great time putting it together …. Let us know which line-up you think was best.

Apocalypsis (Jesse)


Miskatonik Profits (Jbats & Mykahl)

If you wanna find Diabology online:



Episode 67 – Interview with Harlequingrim: What if Necromancy where real?

Harlequin Grim

In this episode we talk to undertaker, author, and podcast host Harlequin Grim. We discuss what Harlequin does in regards to undertaking as well as his love for writing and podcasting in the horror genre.

The hypothetical that Harlequin chose was, “What if necromancy were real?” We delve into the implications involved in bring back the dead via magical means. We examine how daily life would be affected as well how social norms would change.

Harlequin is well spoken, with a sharp wit and a delightful sarcastic twinge. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to his podcast, Mania, and be sure to visit and follow his social media accounts as well as his writing.

You can follow Harlequin Grim online at:


Twitter: @harlequingrim

Mania Podcast:

Episode 66 – Interview with Ronny Pascale: What if you could fake your own death?

In this episode we talk to comedian, writer, extra and, professional cupcake eater Ronny Pascale.

Ronny discusses some of his radio and tv work with us, as well as some of his childhood shenanigans. Ronnys silly sense of humour is genuinely infectious at times, but in a good way…. Lol.

As for the hypothetical, we each delve into our plans to fake our own deaths. What starts out detailed plans quickly devolves into absurdity.

You can find Ronny online at:

Twitter- @ronnypascale

Instagram – @ronnypascale

Episode 65 – Interview with Sara Jay : What if you couldn’t forget anything? (Hyperthymesia)

In this episode we have the distinct pleasure of getting to talk to Adult Actress, Sara Jay.

Pardon the pun, but Sara wears many hats…. In addition to her lengthy porn career she is a business woman, entrepreneur, and accomplished content producer.

Mykahl talks to Sara about how she got her start in the Adult Film industry as well as some of the challenges faced by porn stars that try to simply access the same services that anyone uses. We discuss what it might be like to live with Hyperthymesia.. For better and worse.

Sara is funny, well spoken, and down to earth . Blunt but sexy and unaplogetic with her opinions. It was a pleasure chatting with her. Don’t believe us? Give it a listen.

You can find Sara on the following and platforms:

Twitter: @Sarajayxxx

Episode 64 – Interview with Seth Nicholas Johnson : What If the internet disappeared tomorrow? What would happen to music?

In this episode we have the awesome pleasure of talking to Seth Nicholas Johnson, founder of Haunted Birthday Records. Seth is definitely multifaceted as he is also a podcast producer for Howstuffworks? as well as an animator.

Josh and I take this opportunity to ask Seth about his many work experiences as well as what spurred him on to create his unique record label,Haunted Birthday Records. Seth has a definite passion for fostering creativity and making such audio expressions accessible to the public, in our opinion, a very awesome way. He makes it possible to preserve your music by personally making records out of nearly anything suggested…

The website for Haunted Birthday Records describes the process best:

At HAUNTED BIRTHDAY RECORDS, we make handmade, small-batch, lathe-embossed records the old-fashioned way— mono, lo-fi, and one at a time.

Along with Seth we explore his chosen hypothetical : What If the internet disappeared tomorrow and what would happen to music? A few scenarios emerge and the suggested solutions to keep music alive may just surprise you….

You can find Seth online at:

Haunted Birthday Records

Episode 63 — Interview with Yung Cripp: What if you could recast The Suicide Squad?

@RealYungCripp on Twitter

In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing Comedian/Content Creator Donavan “Yung Cripp” Castillo . We discuss his life, regarding his popularity on YouTube , the challenges of being a disabled internet personality and his “feud” with fellow internet personality Ricky Berwick…

Donavan has great sense of humor and a sarcastic wit that Jbats and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Donovan had the honor of picking this episodes hypothetical, ” What if you could recast The Suicide Squad?” Hilarity ensues as each of us infuse our own opinions on who should be in each role.

Here are links to Donovan’s social media accounts

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Episode 62 – Interview with Steven Ing — What if you could prove that being Gay/Trans was genetic?

Steven Ing, MFT

Fruit of the Bean Coffee is our sponsor this episode, please support them by ordering some of their amazing coffee! Right now, all Fruit of the Bean coffee is 20% off until further notice!

This episode we had the pleasure of speaking to Public Speaker and Marriage & Family Therapist, Steve Ing.

We get to know Steve a little better and probe the hypothetical at hand to its expose the concerns and viewpoints at hand in today’s society.

You can find Steve online at:
Twitter: @StevenIngMFT

Episode 61: What if we could access the Dream Worlds? Interview #2 with Jon Gries…

Courtesy of Adult Swim

In this episode we talk to our good friend Jon Gries again. We catch up with him to see how things are going in his corner of the world…. Jon shares his opinions and experiences with us as well as answering our listeners questions.

We breach the hypothetical, “What if we could access the Dream World? The inspiration for this exploration came from the character Jon portrays (Dr. Roberts) in Adult Swims’ Dream Corp LLC.

Episode 60 – What If Rock Music Never Existed? Interview with Pete Lee

©Tim Finch Photography – used with permission

This time we speak with Pete Lee of the late-80s/early 90s thrash-metal band Lawnmower Deth! Including what they’re up to these days (hint: they aren’t just sitting on their asses.)

The what if on the table is a very though-provoking question: What if Rock music never existed? From rock’s beginnings to even farther back, we prattle on about how different the world would be if the best form of music (our opinion) never came to be.

Episode 59 – What if we could create life? (with Cody Meirick)

In this episode Director Cody Meirick talks with Mykahl about the prospect of bringing a creation of your own to life. Josh sat out the episode due to an significant accident .

Cody lets us know how things have progressed with his past project, The Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Documentary. We also gain insights to some of his upcoming future projects.

We discuss all kinds of creatures throughout history and literature from the Jewish Golem to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to a certain silly Spork from the recent Toy Story film.

Here are Cody’s social media links if you wish to follow him online:

Twitter : @codymeirick

Episode 58 – Interview with Jasmine Shojai: What If you couldn’t do what you love?

This time around, we interview controversial model and aspiring actress, Jasmine Shojai.

Jasmine was named Australia’s Top Glamour Model in consecutive years, 2017 and 2018. She’s appeared in Playboy magazines 8 times ( 2 as a cover model ) as well as FHM & Maxim magazines.

We talk to Jasmine about her journey towards becoming a model as well as her opinions on the business. Jasmine is not shy about sharing her opinions and knows what her aspirations are. She has criticized the posting of racy Instagram photos by women , claiming it hurts the modeling industry. She has also suggested that models receive tax breaks for plastic surgery.

We found her to be an enjoyable guest and invite you to get to know her better.

You can reach Jasmine online at:

Episode 56: The Call of The Void. Interview with Erik Kristopher Myers

This episode we Interview Director Erik Kristopher Meyers about his film “Butterfly Kisses” a found-footage/mockumentary about an urban legend that may or may not be real… Our What if this episode is “What if you just…jumped?” -or- “L’appel du Vide” The Call of The Void. Keep your wits about you, it’s always fun to think about it though.

Episode 55: Interview with Sarah Martin: What if you could bring back your favorite comedian from the dead?

Sarah Martin

In this episode we have the pleasure of interviewing comedian Sarah Martin. We explored a hypothetical, What if you could bring a comedian back from the dead? The catch is you also have to choose a comedian to take their place.

We learn a little bit about Sarah’s background/interests and along the way her sense of humor shows in spades. An awesome comic as well as a cool gal.

Sarah’s comedy has been on Sirius XM’s Raw Dog Radio, and featured on Twitch TV. She has also appeared on the following podcasts:

Wicked Funny Podcast

Pat Oates is Sad

Behind The Funny

If you would like to follow Sarah online you can go to:

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Episode 54: Interview with Stanton LaVey… What if Stanton is the Antichrist?

In this interview we had the pleasure of talking to Stanton LaVey. If the last name sounds familiar then you might be thinking of his grandfather Anton LaVey, the founder of The Church of Satan.

We ask the hypothetical, What if Stanton is the real life antichrist, here to usher in the end days, and that Rosemary’s Baby & The Omen where made to mentally prepare humanity for what’s to come…? 

As we conversed with Stanton he opened up about a variety of subjects, from his youth all the way to the present day. We discussed the highs and lows of growing up in the middle of public scrutiny and controversy, as well familial dysfunction.

Stanton is well spoken, insightful, and full of awesome stories. Jbats and I have some life experiences in common with Stanton which was interesting to say the least.

If you want to follow Stanton online you can go to:

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Episode 53: Part 2 of our Interview with D’Lo Brown…What if Prowrestling was the #1 sport in America?

In Part 2 of this special 2 part interview with D’Lo Brown We continue to ask a few more questions of D’Lo. We discuss the what if at hand and gain some invaluable perspective…

D’Lo is a great personality once you meet him, funny, smart and as real as it gets.

This legend runs a wrestling school along with Disco Inferno, Sinn Bodhi (aka Kizarny) and Jake “the Snake” Roberts as well as doing security for private clients. You don’t wanna miss a minute of this interview!!!

“Betta Recognize!!!”

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Episode 52: Interview with D’Lo Brown … What If Pro Wrestling was the #1 sport in America?

Josh (left) D’Lo (center)
Mykahl (right)

In Part 1 of this special 2 part interview with D’Lo Brown we discuss what caused D’Lo to get into wrestling… From his chilhood fascination to all the way to the growing pains of having made it as a rookie wrestler.

Brown GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
“Damn.. Smoky!!!”
D’Lo Brown

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Episode 51 : Interview with Dave Anez…What If your comic was picked up by Capcom?

In this episode we’re taking it back a few years (okay 2 decades, but who’s counting) to talk with “The Father of Sprite Comics.” Creator of the immensely popular and influential Sprite Comic, BobandGeorge (he’s also one of Josh’s personal heroes,) Dave Anez!

In the episode, we talk about how things might’ve transpired if Capcom had given interest in the comic and what he would’ve done in that case. Join us!

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50th episode!! What if humans stopped procreating? With Les Knight!

Les U. Knight, Founder of Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

In this episode we discuss what might happen if humans voluntarily stopped procreating… And we learn what the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) is all about.

Les takes us on a mental journey as we contemplate the implications for human society and the Earth at large.

Mischaracterized as misanthropic by some, Les explains how the movement actually comes from a place of love for all.

If you are curious about VHEMT be sure to visit these links:


Medium Article about VHEMT

Episode 49: Interview with Kyle Colson… What If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life?

Kyle Colson, Owner of Hella Hot Hot Sauce

In this episode we talked to Owner and Operator of Hella Hot Hot Sauce, as well as our sponsor, Kyle Colson and his wife. During the interview get to know what inspired the Colsons to make their delicious recipies as well as learning about some of the awesome artists they’ve partnered with and created for.

We addressed the hypothetical, What If you could only use one condiment for the rest of your life? Each of us chose our favorite sauce and most choices were definitely our guilty pleasures.

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Episode 48: Patreon options?…A choice only you can make!

This episode, our interviewee had something pop up so we decided to let you guys in on an idea we’ve had for a bit now. Listen in for what we mean.

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Episode 47: What If you lost the ability to sleep? Fatal Familial Insomnia

“Weather war is hell!!!!”
Civil War General Rufus King 

In this shorter than normal episode we discuss the heart breaking syndrome known as Fatal Familial Insomnia. Jbats and Mykahl send their best wishes from their frontier post in the Midwest. We end the show with a track by indigenous hip hop artist Supaman, “Prayer Loop”.

Much love to our listeners and we will be back with a full episode next go around.

A special thanks to Jay Ungar for the use of his song “Ashoken Farwell”..

Episode 46: Interview with Jayant from Bloodywood…What If Everything Was Predetermined?

Karan Katiyar (left) Jayant Bhadula(middle) Raoul (right)
Picture courtesy of Revolver Magazine

In this episode we talk to Jayant from Bloodywood. He is the lead vocalist in this awesome Indian Heavy Metal band based out of New Delhi…

We examine what if would be like if everything you will ever do has been predetermined. The conversation is interesting and we all learn a little bit about the path our lives have taken.

Be sure to check out Bloodywood’s new single, “Endurant” about understanding and rising above bullying.


Follow Bloodywood at:

Facebook : @Bloodywood.Delhi

Episode 45: What If Santa Claus were real?

In this episode we discuss what the ramifications of Kris Kringle being real would be. From his powers to his traveling across the world in a single night. We also have some fun holiday music to listen to so kick back and give a listen!!! Happy Holidays Everybody!!


Episode 44 – Reddit 50/50 Challenge

In this episode Josh and I do the Reddit 50/50 Challenge…Ahhh yes, a roll of the dice as it were involving exposing oneself to mysterious media. Will what we witness be  cute/normal or crazy/disgusting?

Tune in and laugh or cringe as we did.

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Episode 43: What If you could make your own Horror film? (with special guest Owen!)

In this Halloween inspired episode:
Josh, Owen, and I each describe our idea for a horror film.

We each come up with our perfect horror movie.  The results are both varied and terrifying! So strap on your man beard, things are about to get spoopy!

Special thanks again to Sheath for sponsoring this episode, check out their selection and be sure to enter the code WHATIF at checkout for 30% off your first order.  Sheath: The comfort you’ve been missing out on.

Episode 42: Halloween with Sammy Terry

In this episode Josh and I talk to a very special guest. He was a part of our childhood that we enjoyed immensely. Every Friday night we would risk getting yelled at by our parents  for staying up to watch his show.

Sammy Terry has been a horror host in Indiana for more than 50 years. We were very humbled to have the opportunity to speak with him. Sammy answers some questions that we have always had as well as giving us some history of his origin. Be sure to check out his Facebook page to catch all of the pertinent info and live events.

You can find Sammy Terry online at:



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Episode 41: Interview with Howard Salter & What If you were born into a cult?

In this episode we explore what life might be like if you were born into a cult. Since Josh and I have no comparable life experiences…we reached out on social media. 

Our listeners chose this topic so we scrambled to contact a relevant guest. As luck may have it Howard Salter contacted us.

We did our pre-show research we found out that Howard has wore many a hat in his life, combat-veteran, podcaster, and technologist. Howard was kind enough to take time out of his day to talk to us about the hypothetical at hand. 

The Ace Report:

The Ace Report Facebook:

The Ace Report Twitter:

Belong Church:

Belong Church Facebook:

Belong Church Twitter:

Episode 40: Interview with Robert Patton & What If you were allergic to meat?

In this episode we discuss what would happen if you were allergic to meat… We examine the causes and culprits of an pesky allergy that while temporary in nature is frustrating none the less.

We also talk to Mr. Robert Patton, the Founder/CEO of Sheath Underwear. He talks to us about what inspired him to create his special brand of pouch underwear and about his time in the Army . From childhood basketball dreams to perfecting the Zen Pouch seams, we gain a better understanding of Robert’s long journey to success.

We are also very proud to announce that Sheath Underwear is our inaugural sponsor!!! Many thanks to Robert and we hope that we can sustain a long partnership.

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Episode 39 – Interview with Carvel : What if you could travel 100 years into the future or past, which would you choose?

In this episode we explore a choice:

Would you travel back 100 years into the past…or forward 100 into the future, with our very special musical guests the fantastic band; Brisbane, Australia’s Carvel!

We talk about why we’d go to either end of our imposed spectrum, as well as getting to know Tim and Cameron from Carvel.

They have a YouTube channel where you can see their official music videos, and are available on Spotify as well!

Stay tuned during the episode for a exclusive acoustic live version of Carvel’s single, ‘Dark Side of Me’.

Episode 37 With DAN CUMMINS!!!

I’m not crazy, just my eyes are crazy!

After an editing nightmare due to a hard to find setting, it’s finally here!  In this episode we talk with Comedian and Master of Suck Dan Cummins about what we would do if WestWorld were a reality. Strap in for some sweet suckage as we step into our own Timesuck of sorts on this very special –and long-awaited– edition of The What If Podcast!

Check out all of Dan’s social media pages to keep in touch with all things Time Suck and his touring Dates..

@D_Cummins and @Timesuckpodcast on Twitter

Timesuckpodcast on Instagram for all your podcast swag and upcoming episodes. for all Dan’s tour dates and misc.

Episode 35: Scary Stories and Spousal Transformations…

Don’t lie, these images still scare the shit out of you.

In 1981 Alvin Schwartz published a book that would forever change the face of children’s literature. Scary Stories to tell in the dark is one of the books most beloved by children and beguiled by adults for its visceral tales and nightmarish illustrations.We had a chance to interview the producer of an upcoming documentary about this hallowed literature and its author.


Promos: None this episode because of technical difficulties.

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A special thanks to director of Scary Stories Documentary :

Cody Meirick

List of Shapeshifters from Around the World

Episode 34: What if you believed that you were dead?

Death is a finality that the living can only hope to comprehend, but for some the idea they may already be dead is a harsh reality that scares those who care for them and intrigues those treating them for this strange affliction.  Cotard’s Delusion, on this episode of What If!


Promos: @BickerBots, @UDPCPodcast

Links to sources for this episode: Mental Floss, Plight of the Living Dead  |  Cotard Delusion, Wikipedia  |  Medium, Living With Being Dead

Special thanks to Waft

As always, thanks you to Zombie Hyperdrive for the music.

What If Episode 32 – What if People had Super Powers? (With special guests, Owen, Emily, and Allison)

Mr. and Mrs. Invisible considered changing their name to The Shadows after being spotted against a white wall…

In this special episode…

To make up for not having an episode last week, Jbats invited his kids onto the show to talk about how things might be if humans developed super powers.  Sit back and listen to us chatter on about superheroes and the brain!


As always, thanks to Zombie Hyperdrive for use of the intro/outro!

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Episode 31 – What if we could upload our Consciousness?

Intel Inside…

Reversing the process aging has always been a driving force in the advancement of technology, and one of the leading ideas towards immortality is the concept of moving our mind to a digital state.  Can uploading our mind to a computer give us the ability to live indefinitely, or is the human brain so complex that we can never teach computers to read, interpret, and copy our ‘selves’ to digital storage?


In this episode we play promos for our friends at the Now that I’m Older podcast, as well as the In Poor Taste podcast.


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Episode 30 – What if the events of the Mega Man/Mega Man X universe actually happened?

Childhood ruined? Or Childhood got waaay more awesomer?

We have a fun/interesting one for you this episode guys.  The sprawling and surprisingly deep lore of the classic video game series, Mega Man.  It’s a subject near and dear to Jbats’ heart, one which a lot of people would agree needed exploring.  We use that lens to explore the idea of what would happen if robots became self-aware and the ethical worries that might evoke.  So get cozy, diagnostics on this new model are gonna take some time to learn how hard it is to be human…


We also launch our Patreon this episode!

Music in this episode by the  The Megas  and The Protomen.

Minisode 3: What If you cheated death? Woke up in the morgue?

In this Minisode we explore what would happen if you “cheated death” ….throwing a wrench in the hands of fate …If you somehow managed to escape your expiration date if if even for a small bit of time.

We also run promos for the What Were They Thinking? Podcast and the Most Okayest Podcast

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Episode 29: What if you could choose the when and how of your death?

I don’t care how you get here…but you WILL come to me.

When Death comes to claim most of us, the setting is usually envisioned as a peaceful one, though possibly wrought with feelings of sadness, loss or regret from those around during that time… but what if you could choose the time and method of your demise?  We’re talking about how we wanna shed our mortal coils this episode, as well as some famous folk who might’ve called it correctly, so grab a drink, and get comfy as we discuss.

We have promos for Hysteria 51 and The Most Okayest Podcast this time around, show them some love and let them know you heard their promo on our show!

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Minisode – State of the podcast (no, we aren’t quitting *eyeroll*)

I’m sure this sign gets passed a lot on the highway of life.

Ever have one of those periods of time where you can’t get anything done because of your job?  This has been one of those times for us here at the What If Podcast.  Our job is physically demanding a lot of the time, and with the weather as it’s been, it’s doubly so.  We apologize for not having an episode on schedule, and we aren’t trying to make an excuse, but in the real world, work comes before play.  We’d love to be able to do this podcast full-time, but right now that isn’t happening so we need to have something to cover bills and late-night-post-recording-fast-food excursions.  We’ll be back in a bit with a full episode for ya. Stay tuned!

Episode 28 – Interview with Jon Gries…and something about lasers..but JON GRIES!

This is what real talent looks like.

You may know him as Lazlo Hollyfield in Real Genius, Det. Tony Montoya in Running Scared, Ronnie Wingate in Get Shorty, Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite, or Casey in the Taken franchise and more recently as Dr. Roberts on Dream Corp, LLC. on Adult Swim; the greeat Jon Gries has been a consummate ‘that guy’ character actor on the big and small screen for nearly 40 years.  We had the fantastic opportunity to talk with him about his role in Real Genius, specifically what his thoughts were if the lasers in the movie were real.

Caution, your imminent vaporization via laser is about to begin!


We hope you enjoy this special episode!

Episode 27 – 2017 Year in Review!!

2017- “Why are you running!?”

2017 will go down in history as a very bad year for everyone… except the ultra-rich.

In this episode, we give a brief (yeah, it’s nearly three hours long, but that was skipping a lot of what happened.) rundown of the things that shaped this 365-day-long waterboarding session on the world.




On This Day 2017

As always, the intro/outro music is graciously provided by Zombie Hyperdrive

Episode 26 with UDPC Podcast – What if you survived a Nuclear Attack?

With the very real threat of nuclear annihilation over childish tweets between two very problematic leaders making headlines; we sat down with the guys from the UDPC Podcast to wax about the implications of that and what would happen in the aftermath…If you survived.



As always, theme music was graciously provided by: Zombie Hyperdrive

Episode 24 : What if the Joker has super sanity?

“Oh, the irony! Me, flying out from the darkness–like a bat. You know what I love about the darkness, Batman? I can see my reflection in it. My face is the face of the deep. And it goes on forever. What do you see? Do you see your reflection? Is that why you sit in the darkness? Answer me! When you stare at the darkness, does it stare back at you?” –The Joker, Gotham City Sirens, Vol. 1 #24

In this episode we  delve into the possibility that the Joker has “Super-Sanity”.  Are his actions that of a homicidal and psychopathic criminal mastermind or an enlightened individual, an agent of chaos bathed in the deep abyss of nihilism? Tune into this episode… Same What If time … Same What If Podcast!

Episode 23: What if Lincoln and Kennedy survived their assassination attempts?

“Four score” and all that
“Ask not what your country…”etc.











When we hear the name Lincoln or Kennedy, we think of what are perhaps the two most influential leaders this country has had.  We are also reminded of their tragic fate; but what if they survived those morbid ordeals?  In this episode, we are joined by one half of The Recasting Couch Podcast, Mike, as we discuss what might’ve happened if these two paragons of American leadership dodged the proverbial (and literal) bullet.


-Editor’s Note-

Don’t worry, the audio gets better around the 17 minute mark.

Episode 22: Reddit Hypotheticals

In this off the cuff episode we make whiskey out of lemons…Plainly put, the plans for our crossover episode unexpectedly fell apart. It happens from time to time and that’s just life. Regardless we decided to toss our pennies into the Reddit well to see which hypotheticals it would bear. We encounter a range of half serious but mostly funny possibilities. Definitely a NSFW episode so enjoy at your own leisure…


Episode 21: Advocate for the Devil… What If Satan were the good guy?

“Since man’s natural instincts lead him to sin, all men are sinners; and all sinners go to hell. If everyone goes to hell, then you will meet all your friends there. Heaven must be populated with some rather strange creatures if all they lived for was to go to a place where they can strum harps for eternity.” ― Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible


When we are young, we’re taught that Satan is the ultimate form of evil, a wicked boogeyman who would rather steal your soul and damn you to eternal torment in hell than give you the time of day…but what if he were given the proverbial ‘shaft’ by a jealous god who knew he was making more sense than ‘Him’ and feared an uprising?  On this episode we explore the idea that Satan could merely be religion’s biggest scapegoat, a catch-all excuse for all its shortcomings.,20959.0.html?PHPSESSID=5550c0a2732e1d6154f1009843856735


Our Music was Provided by: Zombie Hyperdrive
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Episode 20: Taxing Churches — Special crossover episode with Make Me A Fan Podcast

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…just make sure you put something in the collection plate, this place didn’t build itself.

This episode, we’re talking with The Make Me a Fan Podcast!  We’re doing their format, and we try to make them a fan of taxing churches.  We talk a little about if churches should be taxed, which churches should be, whether it’s an overreach of government, and how that could be helpful, or a bane to churches.  Enjoy!

Episode 18: What If you were born in space?

Umm , Houston? I just did boom boom.

When we think of the future of mankind, we often wonder how we’ll continue our species among the stars…

Join us as we delve into interstellar procreation on this concise episode of the What If podcast.

Episode 17: What If Zombies Existed?

I’m in your heeeeead, in your heeeeeaad!

In this episode we will discuss what the world would be like if zombies did indeed exist. How would they spring into existence? Would they lumber at a slow pace or maniacally chase their victims? Could humanity survive a horde of the undead ? From pop culture examples to stories that inspire the genre, we will claw our way through the question like an early exit from the grave.


George A. Romero February 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017


Mini Episode 1: What if eating could kill you?

Warning to the listeners of our podcast …This photo as well as some of the subject matter in this episode may be disturbing to certain individuals. It is purely used for educational purposes and no harm is implied or intended.

In this mini-sode we explore what it would be like if the simple act of finally being able to eat could actually kill you.

Episode 16: What if certain dreams are a passageway to alternate realities?

multiple universes?

When we sleep, we sometimes enter wondrous worlds of enticing fun and excitement.  Other times we enter terrifying places or have frightening experiences that shake us to our core.  Sometimes, we even see events that haven’t yet occurred.   Could these be more than just the brain righting itself, more than mere mental housekeeping?

Strap in, we’re goin’ multiversin’!!

In this episode, we explore a whether certain dreams could be glimpses into alternate realities.

Are Some Of Our Dreams Glimpses From A Parallel Universe?

Episode 15: Special crossover episode with Make Me A Fan Podcast — What if you had the power to bring your favorite musician back to life, but you had to let another musician take their place?

“Come Together…Indeed.”

In this episode we’re talking with Shaun, Carrie, and TJ from the Make Me A Fan podcast.

All of us choose our favorite musician to bring back from the dead…

But here’s the caveat: In order to resurrect our favorite artists, we must choose a currently living one to take their place.



R.I.P. Chris Cornell and any other artist(s) that passed in recent memory.




Episode 13: What if you found out your child was not yours? What would you do?

In this episode we discuss what causes babies to be switched at birth, if this is common or not and what we would do if it happened to us….

So, Put your kiddo to bed (but not too far away,) grab your headphones and favorite binky. This one’s gonna rustle some jimmies…

Also we would like to wish our fellow podcaster, Shaun McGregor , a swift recovery…He had a rather unfortuitous tumble. As a result we have postponed the Make Me A Fan and What If? Podcast crossover event until the next episode.



Episode 12: What if SCP’s were/are real?











Welcome, authorized personnel. Please select your desired file.





In this episode we explore the SCP Foundation, a secretive organization that secures and contains anomalous or extranatural people, places, items and entities away from the eyes of the general public. The SCP Foundation is a collective fantasy / science fiction writing project…

But what if some of or all the information it classifies is real? Throw on your best lab coat and attain the correct security clearances as we delve into this foundation’s modus operandi.


We’re also giving some friends of the show a shout-out.  Our buds over at the ‘Make Me a Fan‘ podcast have shown us some podcasting love, so we’re returning the favor!

‘No rest for the wicked….A Redux’

A few big things conspired to prevent us from recording this week: Overtime, schedule changes, and mainly unexpected family illness. Thank you all for understanding. We will make it up to you next episode.

Episode 11: What if Jimmy Hoffa…

In this Episode we examine the theories around the disappearance of Mr.James Hoffa. From his roots in South Eastern Indiana to his formative years in Detroit. Jimmy cracked more knuckles than he did corn during his years as Teamster President and rubbed uglies with all the right mafioso. His hobbies included bribery, racketeering, and embezzlement. So strap into your cement shoes and lets explore all the what ifs…

Episode 10 : What if Earth had no seasons?

In this episode we will discuss what it would be like if earth had no seasons….Specifically if it had no axial tilt. What would life be like for humans and animals? How would crops be affected? We’ll examine these concerns and more as Earth is transformed by nature

Episode 9: What if Leprechauns are real?

In this episode we will discuss the possibility that Leprechauns have indeed existed. From the folklore to theories and evidence that may actually surprise some of our listeners. So If you are inclined to do so, grab your lucky rabbits foot , throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder and wait at the rainbows end. This one’s gonna be golden…
Erin go Bragh…and Sláinte to our fans.

Lucky Charms Remix by MelodySheep

Irish Leprechauns Were Originally Black?

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leprechauns


Episode 8 : What if the the Holodeck were a reality?

In this episode we will discuss what it would be like to have Holodeck technology available for use. We will explore the possibilities that could exist, the pros and cons, and what we would use it for in our own lives. So grab a drink and snacks, put on your uniform and meet us in your chosen reality.